Garden Gate Repair, Service; Garden gates allow you to safely enter and exit without getting out of the vehicle in hot or cold conditions while entering and exiting the factory, workplace, site, apartment, garden gate automation system is the preferred door system because it offers the comfort and security. Movement is provided with a garden motor, optional photocell is attached to the motor, preventing objects from getting stuck in between, manually opened in case of power cuts, sliding garden gate motors; It is used with a transportation capacity of 400kg 800kg 1000kg 1200kg, the garden gates are opened and closed by sliding with the gears and the engine moving. It has various features by providing input and output with button, remote control, radar, card, password.

Automatic Sliding Garden Door Repair, Service; Sliding garden gate motor systems allow you to safely enter and exit your vehicle while entering or leaving your workplace, site or apartment, without being affected by weather events such as hot, cold, rain, snow. Since this automation system offers you convenience, comfort and confidence together, it is the most preferred system in such places where there is a lot of entrance and exit. garden gates; circular and sliding models are available. In the system we use for sliding garden gates, the opening speed of the gate is 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 m/s. Dir. It provides automation of garden gates made of wood, aluminum or wrought iron. Nice, Robus, Demus, Bft, all brands of garden door repair and maintenance services by contacting BlueDoor Garden gate systems and getting a price, using guaranteed spare parts, using guaranteed spare parts, meeting with our masters who prove that they are experts in guaranteed workmanship, offering correct, practical and permanent solutions Our company, which offers appropriate and qualified labor services, offers unlimited repair maintenance technical service to every district of Ankara and Kırıkkale in Turkey with mobile mobile service vehicles every hour of the day, i.e., 24/7, seven days a week. Please call to get a price quote for the new Automatic Motorized Shutter and automatic garden gate.