A sliding garden gate usually has a single wing that slides on the rail. In this type of entrances, a long and narrow gap is needed for the door to slide during the opening and closing process. garden gates ; They are the most appropriate protection in cases where there is not enough space for wide entrances, entrances placed on slopes, or opening circular doors. Weight and door length should be taken into account when choosing the ideal system for garden gates. Garden gate systems are equipped with a soft start and end function in order to ensure maximum safety during the closing process, the obstacle detection function stops and reverses the movement in order to prevent possible damage to people and objects in case the door movement is blocked. Automatic garden gates are used in residences, buildings and workplaces. They differ according to the characteristics of the entrance area. Garden Gate Ankara consists of three arms, including 90 degree opening doors, side opening garden gates and barriers. It completely differs according to the usage feature of the entrance.

In fact, such applications, known as entrance gates, are sought in google searches in this way, since they are used as garden gates among the public. Garden gates are essentially adding features according to the manual to automatic opening of the gates that are ready. In such entrances, for example, an entrance door that opens to the side is made mobile by installing garden door motors. We have compiled such doors and their features for you below. Where are Automatic Garden Gates Used? It is used at automatic entrance doors, detached house entrances, building or site entrances, workplace or factory entrances. Our company provides the necessary study work of such applications as it is distributed free of charge and the most ideal systems for you are recommended.. Garden Gate Prices Ankara These applications show price changes according to size, weight, brand, door length, product variety and color scale.

Contact us for the most suitable and long-lasting garden gate costs. Automatic Garden Gate Features Automatic garden gates are examined in three items, as we mentioned above. You can examine the barrier Ankara systems, which are among them, in the Barrier section. Sliding Garden Doors are the work of automating the existing iron alloy garden gates or areas suitable for the opening diameter by making iron aesthetic looking iron gates and adding engines to them. Such applications are used by installing motors according to the weight, length and speed of the doors. Garden gates are systems that can be managed with buttons, remote control and smart phone applications. Garden gates that open 90 degrees; It is used in places that do not have insufficient opening areas. It is used as a single wing or double wing.

The types that will generally be used are double wing garden gates, also known as circular opening. The motors of these doors are also automated using motors according to speed, weight and length. We use BFT, Nice, Whitehorse, Somfy brand products in automatic garden gates. Automatic garden gate is very popular in Ankara. Garden gates of residences are especially preferred mechanisms in order to provide controlled passage at the main entrances of enterprises such as factories and warehouses, and in the parking lots of apartment or site type structures. Be safe and your loved ones too... Let your children play comfortably in your garden, facilitate the entrance of your apartment or site, or provide extra security and elegance to your institution.