90 Degree Opening Garage Door Systems, which are among the Garage Door Systems, which are the most suitable solution for places with narrow doors and corridors, offer the opportunity to open 90 degrees outward, unlike Sliding Garage Door Systems. Garage Door Systems, with different types and models from each other, we provide our customers with expert installation of the Garage Door System, which is the most ideal according to the structure of the space.

90 Degree Opening Garage Door Systems allow you and your vehicle to open and close with the help of the remote control, without having to get out of the car while you are doing your work in and out of your house and garden. 90 Degree Opening Garage Door Systems Features are as follows; *The door opens at 90% degrees. * Pedestrian entry is possible with the integration of a winged side door *It is possible to benefit from the garage in the most ideal way. *The engine hidden inside is completely invisible.

90 Degree Opening Automatic Garden Gate The motors used in BlueDoor Automation automatic garden gates, whose remote control hand transmitter can be duplicated, are selected and applied according to the door opening and door weight. An important factor when installing a BlueDoor Automation automatic garden gate motor is the number of users. In other words, it is extremely important how many vehicles enter and leave daily. Accordingly, it will be healthy to choose an engine. The automatic garden gate motor is a system that works by turning the pinion gear on the transmission gear, which is laid on the door. The switch apparatus mounted on the gear rack ensures that the motor gear stops by hitting the switch spring on it. It can be automatically closed after a certain period of time after it is opened on an optional electronic card.

BlueDoor Automation automatic garden gate motors that we use in our company are under our warranty for 2 years. It is possible to control the existing 90 degree opening doors by mounting the motor system. It can be applied to all doors thanks to its easy mounting facility. 90 degree opening doors in the simplest language; It consists of an operator placed on the upper part to animate the door leaf, an actuation arm and a sensor system that will automatically direct the passages. During the opening and closing of the door, the system operates silently. The automation can be installed on the upper wall or on the door. Architecturally, its appearance is stylish and blends into the environment.