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Why should I make a garden gate?
Garden gates are used in many ways such as remote control, automatic access systems and more. It is not only intended for use, but is also used to create checkpoints such as maximum security and safe crossing points. For example, in high-security sites, automatic doors are controlled by staff in the security booth.
How does pricing vary?
Many factors such as the place where the garden gate will be applied, the material to be used, the motor capacity to carry proportionally to the desired gate size, the anchorage operations at the place where the gate will be installed, the electrical installation and the availability of a secure installation infrastructure affect the price.
How many days is the delivery and assembly time?
First of all, it changes according to the position of the area where the door will be applied, the production time of the door to be applied (wrought iron welding processes, static paint processes, placement of the door interior and exterior mechanisms, etc.), whether there is an electrical installation in the desired place before the door assembly. The assembly process takes place between 3-15 working days on average.
Can you make the garden gate the way I want it?
Our company is the manufacturer of garden gate products and the company that manages the R&D process. It does not matter with wood support, wrought iron profile, steel or special cut. We can produce all kinds of garden gates, including special drawings.
As a sliding garden gate manufacturer, we can ship products to Ankara and all over Turkey. We manufacture sliding garden gates in desired sizes and features.
  • Wrought iron sliding garden gate
  • Steel sliding garden gate
  • Wooden sliding garden gate
  • Sliding garden gate with special morot
We produce 90 degree opening garden doors with strong arm systems, which are suitable for use in places where the sides of the usage area are closed (in places with walls, etc.).
  • Use in restricted spaces
  • Possibility of opening in one or two directions
  • Battery supply despite power cuts
  • Garden door security sensors
We perform all kinds of garden gate repair services on-site and very quickly. We provide repair and technical service, whether it is your garden door purchased from us or from a different company.
  • Quick technical support
  • Quality spare parts
  • Economical garden gate repair services
  • Repair expert team

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